Menasat is committed to the provision of established and advanced systems to procure the safety and management of territories, borders, assets and peoples.

Minerals Mining Corporation work on the discovery and development of precious metals with mining properties. MMC acquires properties and/or projects, designs exploitation plans and selects specific partners to execute the actual development.

FPL PLC is part of the gaming, tourism and housing industry. The company's operating centre is located in South Korean Jeju Island. 

Health Aspirations Plc objective is to generate an attractive rate of return for its shareholders, primarily through capital appreciation through investment in one or more of the rapidly expanding companies which specialise in the mining, oil and gas, energy other related sectors.

Maxi Vision intends to be an involved and active investor. They may seek participation in the management or board of directors of an entity in which the Company invests with a view to seeking to improve the performance.

Americapital has invested in the future, clean air. Their objective is to maintain and improve their land by using their properties for reforestation.

Winlogic invests in companies that have the passion and drive to become market leaders; innovative ideas or technologies that give them a competitive edge;and strong execution capabilities that can translate their potential into sustainable growth

MOG Green Technologies provides leading technologies, products and methods for large-scale treatment of oil sludge, oil contaminated surfaces, soils and other substrates. As a pioneer in the industry they offer 100% environmentally friendly applications. 

TradeX Capital

Global Auto-Trade Group PLC (GATG) owns the largest network of auto trade and service centres in the Republic of Moldova.

Fulhold Pharma plc produce CHD-FA using a sustainable, environmentally-friendly technology, the process of which is also patented. Its use provides a new pharmaceutical platform technology with wide applications in human and animal health.

UWI Holdings Corporation (UWI) is a holding company instituted with the objectives of investing in and growing technology based companies with innovative products and services in view of implementing them to drive positive effects into the daily lives of three quarter of the population of the world who are constantly connected through high speed data transmission.